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This website covers the battle order of the Ninth US Air Force while on it's brief stay in England during the Second World War (1943-1944). The lists of planes and personnel, given further in this website, in no way does justice to the depth of planning and logistics involved in setting up, running and moving a complete Airforce in such a very short space of time. We hope this serves as a guide to understanding the scale of the operations and locations of individual units and forms a basis for further research into the 9th US Air Force. The listing given here are not complete and should be considered as work in progress. Hopefully it is sufficiently detailed at this point in time for you to find it of some small value.

The BUDDIES OF THE NINTH ASSOCIATION (BOTNA) is a British based non profit-making group composed of aviation enthusiasts and others with a special affinity to the Ninth US Army Air Force of World War II. BOTNA became a formal organisation in early 1981, having operated for several years on a casual basis and growing from a small group of enthusiasts led by Bob Mynn. With occasional help from other members, and the assistance of his late wife Olive, Bob has conducted BOTNA affairs from their humble beginnings to their current far-reaching cogency.

Every year many BOTNA members attend the Memorial Day Service at the American Military Cemetery, Madingley, Cambridgeshire, where they join others to pay tribute to those who lost their lives on active duty. BOTNA provides a wreath to the memory of 9th US Air Force fallen, whilst individual members present personal floral tributes to those Ninth Air Force groups or units with which they are specifically interested.

Very many 9th US Air Force veterans grace the membership roster. BOTNA is honored to have them and grateful for their generous support. If you would like to honor them too, JOIN BOTNA TODAY.


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Every three months BOTNA hold a social meeting to maintain their interest and contacts. Location and timings can be found here.


Details of the BOTNA bulletin for those visitors who are not members and so do not receive their own copy.


BOTNA's own messages board and visitors book where you are free to add your own comments.

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Here is BOTNA's little souvenir shop where you may find some momentos of the 9th US Air Force.


This section gives a detailed outline of the battle order of the 9th US Air Force during their stay in Britain.


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